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Serving investors and families by providing affordable housing to build strong communities

Serving families by providing affordable housing to build strong communities

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McIntyre Investment Properties Inc.

It is our company's mission to provide middle-income families with newly renovated, affordable living spaces in the local area. In this effort, the company will work with investors and families to achieve financing for neighborhood projects and provide them with individual attention to their specific situations. We desire to create a strong presence in the community as a prime provider of real estate through financing or developing physical assets, with a reputation of quality living spaces, reasonable prices and unsurpassed customer satisfaction. The goal is to uplift the community and restore a sense of pride.

Throughout life, we have seen the difficulties that many investors and families must endure in order to get affordable housing. We noticed the high fees and charges many lending institutions and mortgage companies charge these clients. Thus, we. have been able to create a synergy between the two, to provide a valuable service to the community, while reaping the rewards of hard work and dedication. The intention is to provide investments in the community that deliver a safe living environment, with lasting jobs using strategic methodologies for long-term success and benefits for all.

Working With Investors

Our goal is to provide investors with the opportunity to purchase rehabbed, tenant ready, positive equity and positive cash flow properties.  We use pre-screened property managers thus limiting the investor’s time involvement in the entire real estate process, which provides a worry free and painless investment experience.

Working With Home Owners

We can buy your house quickly for cash in 3-7 days. We are not realtors but private investors who are looking to purchase homes in the Tampa area. Sell your house today no matter the condition, we buy TLC, needs repair, as-is or just plain ugly.

Improving Communities Benefits All

One of our goals to aide with charity work throughout the area.  This act of philanthropy shows that the company cares about the community. Rebuilding neglected areas of the community will not only benefit the appearance of these areas, but raise the property values as well.

Commercial Real Estate Financing

Bulk Asset Purchases - including REO, NPL, NPN, etc.

Capital Allocation

Capital Formation and Introduction for Real Estate Transactions


~  Great housing at affordable prices.

    Quality doesn’t have to be expensive.  ~

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