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Partnerships: Strengthening Your Position

Commitment   -   Service    -    Delivery   -    Integrity

How much is that house in the neighborhood?

Emerging Trends or Long Term Changes

The American Dream - What is your dream?

Strategic Alliances in the REI Market

… “ a formal alliance between two commercial enterprises, usually formalized by on or more business contracts..”

Goal Setting - Laser Beam Focus

How to ensure success.

The Recession is Over!?

What economic indicators are analyzed to derive this conclusion?

Planning your retirement: What is stealing your wealth?    Part 1

Planning your retirement: What is stealing your wealth?  Part 2

Time to retire “bad debt”.

What is important in your life?

What is the most important possession in your life?  What is most important to you overall?

Planning your retirement: What is stealing your wealth?  Part 3

Planning your retirement:  What is stealing your wealth?  Part 4

How to prepare for retirement.

Home buying tips - From our book, “How to Sell Your House Fast”

Home buying tip of the day.

Lease Options Explained - Part 1

Lease Options Explained - Part 2

Second addition details.

Coaches for “regular” people - Do you need a coach?

Can you afford a coach?  Can you afford NOT to have a coach?

~  Great housing at affordable prices.

    Quality doesn’t have to be expensive.  ~

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Where have all the buyers gone?