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Planning your retirement

Part 4

In Part 1, we wrote, "What is stealing your wealth?" As asked by Robert Kiyosaki.  His answer is debt, taxes, inflation and retirement.  In the 3 previous posts we touched on the other thieves.

So, now we move onto “retirement”.  When I started writing about the four wealth thieves, I didn't imagine that it would turn into this 4 part series, that is so long.  Thank you for hanging in there and continuing to follow.

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Now, there was something that we didn't realize at the time, back when we were saving.  I guess we just never really took a hard look at the fact that, if we wanted to live at the same level of income as we did when we were working, we would still be at the same tax bracket.  We actually would NOT be paying less in taxes later during our retirement years.  Although we won’t be working during retirement, we would be "paid" (with our own money) to sit around the house but the money struggles would be the same.  Did we have enough to pay the cable bill, would there be enough to go on vacation?

Contact us today and we can help you formulate a sound financial plan specifically tailored for you.  There is an old saying, "plan to succeed or you are planning to fail."

The very word, retirement, conjures up visions of sitting around in the easy chair and reflecting back on the hard work of past decades.  But real retirement is not quite like that vision.  The human being was created to be useful and to do something.  So now, is the time to start planning those trips to Europe or Asia to see the places in person that we’ve only seen on the History or Discovery channel after a hard day of work.  Or how many golf rounds will be played in a week or if you want to help some orphanage somewhere, what would it take to help; money, a visit, etc.?

However, what many people are finding out is that there is barely enough money to pay the bills, much less travel around the world or even the United States.  Our personal vision has us buying a motor home and traveling around the nation and seeing all the great national parks, sports halls of fame, and such.  But then we learned that we still had to pay taxes on the money that we will withdraw from the account.  

We knew that, but we remember the original sales pitch, when we were told that we would be taking the money out at a lower tax bracket.  That was the advice brokers and consultants were giving us, while we were scrimping and saving as our employer was depositing our money into that original account.

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