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Coaches for Regular People

Every 4 years, the World Cup and the Olympics are played out until there is a champion.  Every year baseball, football, basketball, hockey and other assorted sports crown a champion as well.  We certainly are able to recognize the winners from the losers. 

But….what separates the real winners from the losers? 

Some might say that it is their athletic ability, but in reality, it is their coach.  Behind every great athlete there is a great coach.  The coach is a person that motivates the athlete to reach for more. 

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Contact us today and we can help you formulate a “life plan”, otherwise known as a success plan.  It is never too late to accomplish some new goals, get your retirement plan in order, or whatever it is you think is important.

In this post we briefly touched on the concept of a “life coach”, otherwise known as a mentor.  We all need someone who has a different perspective who might be able to guide us in our quest.

The problem is that the regular person like you or I, do not usually have a coach to teach us those “life” skills or the business skills that would help us to reach beyond where we are at the moment.  If we were to hire a "life coach", how much would that cost?  We can barely pay the bills, let alone hire a coach. 

One of the dictionary definitions for coach is “a private tutor who prepares a student for an examination.”   What kinds of tests have you faced in your life, where you could have used a coach to prepare you?

So, how is a regular person supposed to survive?  It is tough out there.  The economy is crumbling and housing prices seem to squirrel every which way.  Jobs are being lost and there doesn't seem to be an answer.  Wasn't the stimulus supposed to help with this situation? It is our opinion that our economy isn’t “out of the woods” yet.  Well, there are answers out there and a coach can help you navigate the system.  Coaching can help. 

We needed some help and we hired a coach who got us through some tough times.  I highly recommend coaches.  So, I recommend that you reach out and get help too.  Some coaching is free!

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