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Laser Beam Focus to Ensure Success

Well, well, well, what an interesting turn of events in the world these days.  It seems so amazing to me but I could be wrong.  Whenever the government attempts to manipulate the economy, things don’t always go as planned.  While trying to get the economy stimulated and bolster consumer confidence, the government makes some interesting or counter intuitive decisions.

Some of these decisions have major impacts on business, no doubt. The resulting response by some businesses leads to paralysis, as they don’t know which direction to move.

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However, you have to know what and where you are going to focus your time and talents.  If you spread your focus too thin, then you will lose your effectiveness.

So our encouragement to you is to take some time to re-evaluate your goals and position.  Check your focus to see if you are still spending your time and energy on the things that benefit your plan.  I like to use the phrase, a constant state of continual improvement.  Never be satisfied with the way things are going but be aware of changes going on around you so that proper adjustments are made to enable you to reach the goals you have set.

Thus, companies are so fearful about the future economy in this country, that they won’t hire people or they won’t expand. There are banks who won’t lend to help stimulate the economy because of uncertainty as well.  Well, just to be clear, banks are not lending money to people or businesses who really need it.  

Some government programs and some business initiatives have no tangible way to measure the effectiveness of the implementation.  Was the program or initiative a great idea?  It might well be, but the basis could have been established around a goal that had no valid action plan or timetable.  A goal without an action plan or timetable is merely a dream.    

Have the businesses in America lost focus?  In sports, if a team loses focus, they lose the game.  In business, if we lose focus, we lose market share and possibly go bankrupt.  In your family, if you lose focus, your kids won’t turn out like you plan, or you won’t have the college fund you planned, or you won’t have the retirement you planned, etc.  Focus is the key to success.  Focus around an action plan is the only way to ensure success.  Next, you need a way to monitor success.  In other words, you need a way to measure how well you plan is working.

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