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The American Dream

What is the “American Dream”?  Is it getting college degree?  Is it owning your own home?  Is it being able to determine your own career direction without a prescribed destiny due to birthright?  Maybe the American Dream is all of that and more.  The American Dream is being able to create something out of nothing.  It is being able to test and idea until you find a solution.  It is being able to think yourself out of trouble.  The American Dream is to be self reliant.

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 What is your dream?  

 What is the main ingredient for the success of the dreamer?  The immigrants built this country in the east and the west was “conquered” and became “domesticated”.  The cotton gin, light bulb, the car, the plane, etc. all these inventions are the results of a dream.  How does one succeed and fulfill their dream?  

It takes a burning desire to see the dream become a reality, but it takes a clear vision of what you want to accomplish.  You will not become successful without a clear vision of what you want to accomplish.  I encourage you to define a clear vision of your dream; then go out and accomplish it!  Do not stop until you have accomplished your dream!

Our forefathers did not come to this country to be taken care of by the government or a religious entity or faction.  Our forefathers may have been religious but they did not believe that their church would take care of them.  Our forefathers came here, in many cases, to escape religious persecution or government oppression or simply economic depression.  My husband’s  forefathers came to America to escape the Irish Potato famine.  My forefathers came from Norway looking for better opportunities.

They came here looking for an opportunity that did not exist in their homeland.  They were willing to give up all that was familiar to them in order to seek out new opportunities.  They would become strangers in a strange land.  My forefathers had little money.  Most likely, they spent all they had just to get here.  They did not speak the language; maybe they had friends or relatives that they could stay with until they could get on their feet.  They came to America with determination; the will to work hard and save.

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