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Serving investors and families by providing affordable housing to build strong communities

Serving families by providing affordable housing to build strong communities


Build Your Project to Suit Your Vision and Fulfill Your Goals

Our firm has over 40 years experience in the industry working with engineering, construction, finance companies, and software vendors, related to BIM technology and building LEED certification.  This extensive multi-discipline design, engineering, construction and project management experience covers small and large projects, including simultaneous, multi-building projects.

The process involves site selection, best use analysis (design build scenarios, ROI and IRR calculations, etc.), engineering and design, construction and operations.  Investment strategies sometimes require phased construction plans, joint ventures, and certainly leveraged monetary infusions.  The successful operation of a facility requires on-going maintenance and upgrades, and certainly strategic marketing and sales management.

Over the course of our company’s existence, we have had the pleasure to develop in-depth knowledge and experience in every project phase providing a key understanding of the planning, proposing, engineering and design, construction and owner’s operational phases.  Understanding the needs and requirements of each project phase enables us to understand the needs and requirements in order to address the issues and risks in advance, providing maximum efficiency and effectiveness of each investment according to the costs and timelines involved.

We have an extensive background related to BIM technology and building LEED certification.  Thus, our unique blend of experience has prepared us to provide functional expertise, guidance, presentation, and instruction of all implemented processes and applications to the project team and subsequent operations teams across all construction disciplines, phases of development, and completion.  We develop and maintain positive working relationships with the stakeholders by seeking to understand their needs, properly setting expectations, communicate key learnings, best practices and consistently meeting commitments as we work together toward project completion.

Maximizing Effectiveness and Efficiencies to Assure Delivery of Target Profit Margins

Our experience has allowed us to effectively develop organizational strategies to suitably manage all manner of resources, adapting processes and procedures to maximize solutions, developing contractual terms and conditions that govern required deliverables from contractors and suppliers, overseeing related QA/QC activities, and managing the final handover.

BIM Technology and Building LEED Certification

Over the course of our company’s presence, we have learned to adapt to the changing technology and work flow environments, mainly by taking a proactive role in implementing the forward thinking technological requirements necessary to institutionalize progressive change thus providing sustainable benefits for our clients.  Learning is a continual process and applying that knowledge is an enjoyable endeavor.

Commercial Project Financing

Acquistion and Construction Financing

Capital Allocation

Capital Formation and Introduction for Real Estate Transactions


~  Great housing at affordable prices.

    Quality doesn’t have to be expensive.  ~

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Over the past 43 years Mr. Gregory Melikian and his family have owned, operated and lovingly restored the Hotel San Carlos to its original splendor.